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100 different cities
Tonight I will sleep in my 100th different city/location since I left my previous 'home' to hit the road. I post it this morning because I won't have Internet for the next few days. It has been 568 days already, so I slept about 5.7 nights in average in each of those locations, ranging from 1 night to 30 nights. Some cities I've visited twice (doing a loop), like Halifax, Vancouver or Seattle. That doesn't count the 11 nights I spent in a bus, train or boat. How many of those locations have you been to? more...

Why I will never buy a Samsung product again
While I was in Panama, I broke the screen of my Nexus Android tablet. The break made my tablet useless, sadly. I tried hard to have it repaired while in Panama City, unfortunately the Nexus ASUS parts aren't available in Panama. I thus had no other choice than buy a new tablet. Based on the features I was looking for and the fact I saw many pieces of Samsung products (including tablets) available easily in repair shops, I went and bought a brand new Samsung tablet (old model Tab 3). more...

Panama to Colombia, days 5 and 6
After the boat dropped us off in Capurganá, I still had to reach Cartagena to begin my itinerary in Colombia. The transit requires 2.5 hours of boat followed by some 9 or 10 hours in mini-buses. That would be a very long travel day. First, I don't like to arrive in a new city at night then I figured this journey would be very bumpy and hard on my old body so I decided to cut it in two and rest in the town of Montería for one night. more...

Panama to Colombia, day 4
I woke up a bit sore because of the hard floor, but I slept well overall and once I stretched a bit, I was good. I left in a hurry to visit more of that Kuna village because I knew we would be leaving early. So, I walked in the village, took a few pictures. I was impressed by the agility of a guy with a chainsaw and I chatted a bit with one of the elders of the village. I wasn't able to get a picture of a woman in the traditional attire however. more...

Panama to Colombia, day 3
I woke up a bit sore from the very hard bed but rested overall for my last full day in the territory of Panama. I took my iPod to write some text as I waited until I heard more activity in the village to go for another look at the village. As I took more pictures, it was very different than the night before since the streets were almost empty. more...

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